It takes the work of many concerned individuals to make an impact on the condition of our great planet. After years of investing in the only types of fuel sources we knew, alternative fuel sources that provide more sustainability have emerged. Gaining confidence in the ability to mass-produce the kinds of equipment needed to operate electric vehicles on a large scale, more manufacturers like GM started transforming their vehicles into electric versions. In fact, GM has set a goal to become completely electric by the year 2025, and we cannot wait to charge up the Elizabethtown, PA region with these great vehicles.

GM's Ultimate Plan for an Electric Vehicle Lineup

Making the move to an all-electric lineup takes significant planning, strategic execution, and continued development. GM plans to accomplish this through the introduction of a new Ultium Platform, which will form the basis for all GM's new electric vehicles. Getting us one step closer to an environment with zero emissions, this platform will provide the basis for a new type of vehicle we have never seen before in the Marietta and Middletown area. Although many automakers have gotten close to achieving similar accomplishments, so far, GM represents the only brand that has replicated its electric technology for the masses.

An Electric Vehicle for Every GM Consumer

With plans to offer at least 30 new electric vehicles by the year 2025, GM set a strict timeline to improve their electric range and create methods for flexible and fast charging. Already well on their way toward meeting these goals, the electric GM lineup should arrive soon. Accommodating buyers with a need for vehicles of every size, GM also plans on a wide expansion of public charging stations for convenient and immediate access to recharging in the Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA area. Scaling electric vehicle accessories and charging stations will represent the greatest feat GM will have to conquer in its 2021 electric expansion, but it certainly remains one worth taking on.

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